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Shipping Information


All boxes shipped to the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis must contain a label stating the following information:

Hyatt Regency Indianapolis
1 South Capitol Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Sigmod/PODS 2010
CS Manager Melanie Cassetty
{Name of person claiming the boxes while on-site}

Packages shipped to the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis should not arrive more than three days prior to the start of the scheduled function. The Hyatt Regency Indianapolis is not responsible for the safe or timely arrival of any packages sent to the hotel by or for the group. It is the group's responsibility to check to ensure that the contents are intact. The Hyatt Regency Indianapolis accepts no liability for lost, stolen or damaged goods. The Hyatt Regency Indianapolis Purchasing Department ships packages out of the hotel via UPS and FedEx (air only). Proper forms, shipping labels & billing information are required for all packages. Any guest wishing to ship boxes out of the hotel using any other carrier must arrange the pick-up and delivery directly with the carrier company.

Handling and Delivery Fees

Packages received at the Hotel are charged a handling fee. The fee structure is $5.00 for up to 50 pounds, $10.00 for 50-100 pounds, and $50 for anything 100 pounds or more. Pallets shipped to the Hotel must be on a 42 x 42 flatbed and will be charged a $75 handling fee.

Once the boxes are on property, there is a $3.00 per box delivery fee to have your boxes taken to the meeting space and a $10 pallet delivery fee to the meeting space.

Freight and Elevator Size

Please note that our freight elevators are smaller than your typical elevator, so please plan appropriately if sending freight and/or pallets to the Hotel. Pallets can only fit in the elevator with no overhang and without the pallet jack. Dimensions are as follows:

Elevator Frame: 7 feet high x 3.5 feet wide
Inside Elevator: 8 feet high x 77.75 feet wide x 55.75 feet deep

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Cassetty if you need further assistance:

317.616.6089 (phone)
317.616.6079 (fax)