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Accepted Industry Papers

696 Ricardo: Integrating R and Hadoop
Yannis Sismanis (IBM Almaden) , Sudipto Das (UC Santa Barbara), Rainer Gemulla (IBM Almaden Research Center), Peter Haas (IBM Almaden Research Center), Kevin Beyer , John McPherson

675 PYMK: Friend Recommendation at MySpace
Michael Moricz ( , Yerbolat Dosbayev (, Mikhail Berlyant

120 Forecasting High-Dimensional Data
Deepak Agarwal (Yahoo! Research), Datong Chen (Yahoo! Labs), Long-ji Lin (Yahoo! Labs), Jayavel Shanmugasundaram (Yahoo! Research) , Erik Vee (Yahoo! Research)

694 Datawarehousing and Analytics Infrastructure at Facebook
Ashish Thusoo (Facebook) , Dhruba Borthakur (Facebook)

695 Experiences Evolving a New Analytical Platform: What Works and What's Missing
Jeff Hammerbacher (Cloudera)

691 Overview of SciDB: Large Scale Array Storage, Processing and Analysis
Paul Brown (SciDB)

585 Integrating Hadoop and parallel DBMS
Yu Xu (Teradata) , pekka Kostamaa (Teradata), Like Gao (Teradata)

484 A Comparison of Join Algorithms for Log Processing in MapReduce
Spyros Blanas (University of Wisconsin), Jignesh Patel (University of Wisconsin), Vuk Ercegovac , Jun Rao (IBM Research), Eugene Shekita (IBM Almaden Research Center), Yuanyuan Tian (IBM Almaden Research Center)

693 Extreme Scale with Full SQL Language Support in Microsoft SQL Azure
Nigele Ellis (Microsoft) , Gopal Kakivaya , Dave Campbell (Microsoft)

581 Pay-As-You-Go - an adaptive approach to provide full context aware text search over document content
Zhen Hua Liu (Oracle) , Thomas Baby , Sukhendu Chakraborty , junyan Ding , anguel novoselsky , Vikas Arora

630 Sedna: Native XML Database Management System (Internals Overview)
Dmitry Lizorkin (Institute for system programmi)

692 Optimizing Tuple-store Query Execution
Scott Meyer

610 OpenII: An Open Source Information Integration Toolkit
Len Seligman (MITRE) , Peter Mork (The MITRE Corporation), Alon Halevy (Google), Ken Smith (MITRE), Michael Carey (UC Irvine), Kuang Chen (University of California at Berkeley), Chris Wolf (MITRE), Jayant Madhavan (Google), Akshay Kannan (University of California at Berkeley)

656 Google Fusion Tables: Data Management, Integration and Collaboration in the Cloud
Alon Halevy (Google) , Jayant Madhavan (Google), Hector Gonzalez (Google Inc), Anno Langen (Google), Rebecca Shapley (Google), Jonathan Goldberg-Kidon (Google), Christian Jensen

697 Visual Interfaces to Data
Chris Stolte (Tableau Software)

602 Graphical XQuery in the AquaLogic Data Services Platform
Vinayak Borkar (University of California, Irvine), Michael Carey (UC Irvine), Sebu Koleth (Oracle), Alex Kotopoulis (Oracle), Kautul Mehta (SAP), Joshua Spiegel (Oracle) , Sachin Thatte (Oracle), Till Westmann (SAP)

689 Analytics over Continuous and DisContinuous (ACDC) Streams: The Truviso Approach
Sailesh Krishnamurthy (Truviso) , Rushan Chen (Truviso), Jeffery Davis (Truviso), Daniel Farina (Truviso), Michael Franklin (Truviso), Alan Li (Truviso), Neil Thombre (Truviso)

395 IBM Infosphere Streams for Scalable, Real-time, Intelligent Transportation Services
Alain Biem , Eric Bouillet , Hanhua Feng , Anand Ranganathan (IBM TJ Watson) , Anton Ribov , Olivier Verscheure , Haris Koutsopoulos (KTH), Carlos Moran (KTH)

686 SEI-OBI: A Streaming Information Extraction Platform for Operational Business Intelligence
Malu Castellanos (HP Labs) , Chetan Gupta (HP Labs), Umesh Dayal (HP Labs), Song Wang (HP Labs)