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Accepted Tutorials

16 Transducing Markov Sequences
Benny Kimelfeld IBM Almaden, Christopher Re University of Wisconsin

20 Cache-Oblivious Hashing
Rasmus Pagh IT University of Copenhagen Zhewei Wei HKUST, Ke Yi HKUST, Qin Zhang HKUST

24 Understanding Cardinality Estimation using Entropy Maximization
Christopher Re University of Wisconsin, Dan Suciu University of Washington

37 Semantic Query Optimization in the Presence of Types
Michael Meier University of Freiburg, Michael Schmidt University of Freiburg, Fang Wei University of Freiburg, Georg Lausen University of Freiburg

38 Understanding Queries in a Search Database System
Ronald Fagin IBM Almaden, Benny Kimelfeld IBM Almaden, Yunyao Li IBM Almaden, Sriram Raghavan IBM Almaden, Shivakumar Vaithyanathan IBM Almaden

39 Optimal Sampling From Distributed Streams
Graham Cormode AT&T Labs Research, Ke Yi HKUST, Qin Zhang HKUST, S. Muthukrishnan Rutgers University

45 On Probabilistic Fixpoint and Markov Chain Query Languages
Daniel Deutch Tel Aviv University, Cristoph Koch Cornell University, Tova Milo Tel Aviv University

51 Schema Design for XML Repositories: Complexity and Tractability
Wim Martens Technical University of Dortmund, Matthias Niewerth Technical University of Dortmund, Thomas Schwentick Technical University of Dortmund

54 On the First-order Expressibility of Computing Certain Answers to Conjunctive Queries over Uncertain Databases
Jef Wijsen University of Mons

58 An Optimal Algorithm for the Distinct Elements Problem
Daniel M. Kane Harvard University, Jelani Nelson MIT, David P. Woodruff IBM Almaden

59 Fast Manhattan Sketches in Data Streams
Jelani Nelson MIT, David P. Woodruff IBM Almaden

63 Universally Optimal Privacy Mechanisms for Minimax Agents
Mangesh Gupte Rutgers University, Mukund Sundararajan Google

66 Characterizing Schema Mappings via Data Examples
Bogdan Alexe UC Santa Cruz, Phokion Kolaitis UC Santa Cruz and IBM Almaden, Wang-Chiew Tan UC Santa Cruz

69 When data dependencies over SQL tables meet the Logics of Paradox and S-3
Sven Hartmann Clausthal University of Technology, Sebastian Link Victoria University of Wellington

73 Computing Query Probability with Incidence Algebras
Nilesh Dalvi Yahoo! Research, Karl Schnaitter UC Santa Cruz, Dan Suciu University of Washington

75 A Learning Algorithm for Top-Down XML Transformations
Aurelien Lemay University of Lille & INRIA, Sebastian Maneth NICTA and UNSW, Joachim Niehren INRIA

80 Simplifying XML Schema: Single-Type Approximations of Regular Tree Languages
Wouter Gelade Hasselt University/Transnational University of Limburg, Tomasz Idziaszek University of Warsaw, Wim Martens Technical University of Dortmund, Frank Neven Hasselt University/Transnational University of Limburg

87 Positive Higher-Order Queries
Michael Benedikt Oxford University, Gabriele Puppis Oxford University, Huy Vu Oxford University

89 Performance Guarantees for B-trees with Different-Sized Keys
Michael A. Bender Stony Brook University and Tokutek, Inc., Haodong Hu Microsoft, Bradley C. Kuszmaul MIT and Tokutek, Inc.

90 Capturing Missing Tuples and Missing Values
Floris Geerts University of Edinburgh, Wenfei Fan University of Edinburgh

99 The Power of Tree Projections: Local Consistency, Greedy Algorithms, and Larger Islands of Tractability
Gianluigi Greco University of Calabria, Francesco Scarcello DEIS, University of Calabria

101 Certain Answers for XML Queries
Claire David University of Edinburgh, Leonid Libkin University of Edinburgh, Filip Murlak University of Warsaw

103 Foundations of Schema Mapping Management
Marcelo Arenas Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Jorge Perez Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Juan L. Reutter University of Edinburgh, Cristian Riveros Oxford University

107 Towards an Axiomatization of Statistical Privacy and Utility
Daniel Kifer Penn State University, Bing-Rong Lin Penn State University

110 Expressive Languages for Path Queries over Graph-Structured Data
Pablo Barcelo University of Chile, Carlos Hurtado Adolfo Ibanez University, Leonid Libkin University of Edinburgh, Peter Wood University of London

137 Optimizing Linear Counting Queries Under Differential Privacy
Chao Li University of Massachusetts Amherst, Michael Hay University of Massachusetts Amherst, Vibhor Rastogi University of Washington, Gerome Miklau University of Massachusetts Amherst, Andrew McGregor University of Massachusetts Amherst

142 Incremental Query Evaluation Revisited
Christoph Koch Cornell University