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SIGMOD Conference Program Note

The SIGMOD'2010 conference program committee would like to advise the prospective authors about the following new elements in the SIGMOD'2010 Program compared to previous years:

  1. For the SIGMOD'2010 Conference Program we plan to hold two "Research Plenary Sessions", where every paper accepted to appear in the SIGMOD'2010 proceedings will be presented as a "Research Poster".
  2. These Research Plenary Sessions will be the main forum for presentation of all SIGMOD'2010 papers. A consequence of this change is that an accepted paper may not necessarily be chosen for an oral presentation. However, we note that whether or not a paper is presented orally will not be reflected in the proceedings (which is archival information), but only in the program (which is only ephemeral information).
  3. For those papers chosen for oral presentations as well, the corresponding time-slots will be reduced from 30 minutes (25 minutes for the talk + 5 minutes for Q&A) to 22.5 minutes (18 minutes + 4.5 minutes).
  4. The combined effect of Research Plenary Sessions and Reduced Time Slots for oral presentations is to create more room in the conference program and accommodate a larger number of papers within the physical constraints of a three-day conference.

The main intent in introducing these changes in SIGMOD'2010 Conference Program is to continue to strengthen the overall quality of the SIGMOD Conference while the community is growing in numbers of people and variety of interests. These changes will allow the Program Committee to ensure that the final decision of including a paper in SIGMOD'2010 is based primarily on its research merits and is not impacted by other constraints such as the number of available slots for oral presentations.